Advanced Apprenticeship in Management (Level 3)

Management is a progression from team leading and involves more responsibility and a wider range of job roles.

The main function of a manager is to coordinate and organise those around them as well as the resources including stock, machinery and the money available to them.

Managers are responsible for the members of their team which means sharing in both success and failure.  This also involves encouraging the former and reducing the latter as much as possible.

Broadly speaking, managers have six main functions; forecasting, planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling.

Managers are also involved in dealing with stakeholders and keeping them satisfied which in turn will ensure the value of the company they are working for.

Apprenticeship Information

A Level 3 Apprenticeship in Management is worth 25 credits

The course consists of 130 guided learning hours.

Entry Requirements

There are no mandatory entry requirements for this apprenticeship.   However, those candidates who have some prior experience in management will progress through this qualification more easily.

If not, then a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Team Leading may be more appropriate.

What can an Apprentice do with this Apprenticeship?

Advanced apprentices, with support and opportunities in the workplace, can progress onto:

  • The Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Management
  • The Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in Leadership & Management
  • Further or higher education to undertake management, business or other qualifications, including Foundation Degrees in Management & Leadership, Business and Business Management
  • A range of Management, Business and other undergraduate programmes
  • A range of Management and other Professional Qualifications at Level 4 and above

With additional training, advanced apprentices may be able to progress within their careers to roles including middle and senior manager, department manager, head of department, or a wide range of managerial roles within businesses.

What do the jobs at Level 3 involve?

Administration Officer / Executive

This role involves dealing with internal and external correspondence, organising meetings and events, producing documents, managing resources, managing office equipment and managing information.

Administration Team Leader / Office Supervisor

This role involves dealing with internal and external correspondence, organising meetings and events, producing documents, managing resources, managing office equipment, managing information, managing administration systems and managing office facilities.

Personal Assistant

This role involves making and receiving telephone calls, managing diaries, organising travel, organising meetings and events, handling correspondence, creating documents and developing presentations.


This role involves dealing with internal and external correspondence, organising meetings, taking minutes at meetings, managing diaries, producing documents, transcribing notes and managing information.

What will an apprentice learn on this apprenticeship?

Like all apprenticeships this one contains; a knowledge based element, a competence based element, Functional Skills (ICT, English and Maths), a module on Employment Rights and Responsibilities and a module on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

The knowledge based element of this apprenticeship will take the learner through the basics of leading a team.  They will learn how to guide people in order to get a high level of performance from them.

The competency part of this qualification will see the apprentice working in a management setting as they gain first-hand experience managing a group of people in the workplace.

The skills part of this qualification will bring  ICT, English and Maths skills up to the necessary level required to carry out the role.

Finally, the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) part of the course will teach generic skills which will be helpful in day to day life.