Intermediate Apprenticeships as an IT Application Specialist (Level 2)

This Apprenticeship is for those who are interested in working with computer software.

With over 90% of jobs requiring some IT knowledge, a person who has completed the IT Application Specialist apprenticeship is sure to gain skills which can be applied in a variety of industries and sectors.

Employees taking this apprenticeship will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to both improve the productivity of those around them and solve any problems they may be having with their IT software.

Apprentices will gain a wide insight into why and how software and IT is used across the industry that they are in.

An apprentice will also gain business knowledge in addition to interpersonal skills as they will be working within a fully operational organisation with a variety of people each day.

Apprenticeship Information

A Level 2 Apprenticeship as an IT specialist is worth 38 credits

The course involves between 280 and 285 guided learning hours.

Entry Requirements

There are no mandatory entry requirements for this apprenticeship.   However, an interest in ICT is essential.

Applicants are expected to have at least basic numeracy and literacy skills to be able to cope with their job and upon which to build their apprenticeship.

Additionally, those candidates currently in an ICT role or those who have some experience in such roles, are more likely to be successful in their qualification.

What can an Apprentice do with this Apprenticeship?

Having completed the Intermediate Apprenticeship framework, apprentices may progress onto an Advanced Apprenticeship for IT Application Specialists.  Alternatively, apprentices may elect to return to full-time education to complete A Levels, BTECs, or an equivalent Level 3 qualification such as the Level 3 ITQ Diploma.

What do the jobs at Level 2 involve?

IT Clerk

This role involves applying a range of IT systems and software to support an organisation’s customers, people and processes. This will generally involve applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and internet/email.

Website technician

This role involves updating existing websites with supplied content. Creating simple media content (audio, video, graphics, text) for existing websites.

Data Administrator

This role involves entering and editing data using software such as: Customer Relationship Management; Accounts; Payroll and Stock control producing routine reports from the data held.

Digital Assistant

This role involves using social media applications to disseminate information and engage with potential users of the organisation’s products or services.

What will an apprentice learn on this apprenticeship?

Like all apprenticeships this one contains; a knowledge based element, a competence based element, Functional Skills (ICT, English and Maths) a module on Employment Rights and Responsibilities and a module on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

The knowledge based element of this apprenticeship will take the apprentice through more of the advanced business administration techniques as they learn how to support the IT of any successful company.

The competency part of this qualification will see them working in an ICT setting, gaining first hand experience in dealing with software applications and gathering first hand evidence to meet the standard of this qualification.

The skills part of this qualification will bring  ICT, English and Maths skills up to the necessary level required to carry out the role.

Finally, the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) part of the course will teach generic skills which will be helpful in day to day life.