Employer Enquiries

An apprenticeship is a very credible collection of qualifications in what is called a framework.

There are hundreds of apprenticeship frameworks to choose from so there are almost certainly going to be frameworks which will meet your business requirements and help the development of your staff.

All apprenticeship frameworks contain:

  • A Knowledge qualification
  • A Vocational qualification
  • Functional Skills – Numeracy and Literacy and IT
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities.


There is full government funding available for any apprentice aged 16 -18.

For Small to Medium Enterprises there is full funding too for those aged 19-23 and 24+ at Level 2.

24+ Level 3 apprenticeships are now only funded by employer contributions and/or a loan taken out by the apprentice.


For employers with over 1,000 employees, including all group companies, the 19+ funding is reduced by 25%.

Capital Apprenticeships can source the funding for your business for any staff you would like to do an apprenticeship.

Capital Apprenticeships will then appoint one of our assessors to be the dedicated resource to manage and support your staff through their qualification.


Please let us have some details:

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Number of employees in your company/ group:

Are contracts of employment in place for all potential apprentices:


Do they work for over 30 hours each week:


Do they have a Level 4 or higher qualification such as a HNC degree: 


How many employees are you considering putting on an apprenticeship:

Aged 18 -16:*

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Which Apprenticeships are you interested in your employees doing?

Customer Services Level 2
Customer Services Level 3
Business Administration Level 2
Business Administration Level 3
Business Administration Level 4
Team Leading Level 2
Management Level 2
Health and Social Care Level 2
Health and Social Care Level 3
Childcare and Young Person's Workforce Level 2
Childcare and Young Person's Work Force Level 3
Warehouse and Storage Level 2
Logistics Operations Level 3
Other Apprenticeship(s) (not listed)