Intermediate Apprenticeship in Warehouse and Storage (Level 2)

This apprenticeship is for those who are interested in the distribution of resources in a business.

People on this apprenticeship will be involved with the storage and movement of the goods and assets that a business has.

This means that, those who take this apprenticeship will develop excellent organisational skills as well as foresight and planning abilities.

Apprentices may also be involved in the learning and operation of specialist machinery used in bigger warehouses.

Attention to detail will also be necessary when doing tasks such as inventories and audits of stock.

Apprenticeship Information

This Level 2 apprenticeship is worth 31 credits

This course involves between 101 and 177 guided hours of learning.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this apprenticeship, however there are several attributes which may improve applicants’ chances of successfully completing this apprenticeship:

  • Work or work experience
  • Training and/or experience which could include a portfolio showing what they have done
  • Foundation learning at Level 1
  • Any of the Key Skills or Functional Skills
  • Young Apprenticeship
  • Vocational or academic qualification(s)

What can an apprentice do with this apprenticeship?

There are many options available to those who have achieved their Level 2 qualification in warehouse and storage including Intermediate Apprenticeships/Advanced Apprenticeships in any of the following:

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading
  • Logistics Operations Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Warehousing and Storage Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Driving Goods Vehicles Advanced Apprenticeship

What do the jobs at level 2 involve?

On the intermediate level of this apprenticeship apprentices will likely have the Warehouse Operative job role which entails the following:

  • Working as part of a team
  • They may be required to load and unload vehicles.
  • They will also have delegated responsibility for the correct selection and packing of customer orders, ensuring they are ready for despatch on time.

What will apprentices learn on this apprenticeship?

Like all apprenticeships this one contains; a knowledge based element, a competence based element, Skills (English and Maths) a module on Employment Rights and Responsibilities a module on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

The knowledge based element of this apprenticeship will take apprentices through the basics of warehousing and storage as they learn how to best work in a warehouse or storage setting.

The competency part of this qualification will see them working in a warehouse setting as they gain first-hand experience dealing with logistical tasks in the workplace and gather first hand evidence to meet the standard of this qualification.

The skills part of this qualification will bring  English and Math skills up to the necessary level needed to carry out the role.

Finally the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) part of the course will teach you generic skills which will be helpful in their day to day life.